For small businesses who want an easy way to check if they qualify as “small” under SBA size standards, the SBA’s New Size Standards Tool is a web-app that allows businesses to easily determine, their NAICS code and see if they qualify as a small business under the SBA size standards all in one place, unlike the previous tool that required users to deviate to a 3rd party site ( to obtain their NAICS code, our new tool will provide an integrated NAICs look-up and size standard determination solution in a simple and user friendly designed experience with a restful public API that publishes the small business size standards data so that it can be integrated to other systems.


  • To help small businesses take the first step in becoming a government contractor
  • To assist users in determining their NAICs code if they do not already know it
  • To accurately determine if a business can qualify as “small” under SBA size standards
  • To give users a basic understanding & some education of the definition and qualifications for a small business (either in terms of average number of employees over past 12 months/ or average annual receipts over the past three years)
  • To be able to handle businesses w/ multiple NAICs codes
  • To be able to handle “exception” cases
  • To publish the small business size standards data so that it can be integrated to other systems
  • To make the data easily updatable each time their are size standard changes
  • To be able to find info in “3 clicks or less”



  • Instructional actionable call outs and easy user flow
  • Best in class & easy to use integrated NAICs lookup
  • Multiple NAICs input
  • Logic to only ask relevant questions ( # of employees or revenue based on NAICs code)
  • Integrated footnotes to handle “exceptions” and special cases
  • 508 compliant
  • Mobile optimized
  • Excel to Json file update
  • Restful API layer

Role: Product Owner

Releases: MVP

Company: U.S. Small Business Administration

Year: 2017