For first time contractors and contracting officials who need a central place to go to for relevant and accurate information on contracting as or with a small business, as well as clear steps on how things work, the SBA’s new contracting section, is a section re-design that shows how to win contracts, makes contracting programs and policies easy to understand, gives clear steps to external systems and demystify compliance unlike the current section, the new contracting section is organized by defined action steps rather than by program office allowing users to easily find the info they need in 3 clicks or less.

“You should expect GCBD to be your launchpad into contracting AS or WITH a small business the in federal government”


  • To give first-time contractors the resources they need to win contracts, create jobs, and serve the government.
  • To point contracting professionals to the correct staff/office at the SBA for support
  • To show HOW to win contracts
  • To make contracting EASY to UNDERSTAND
  • To give clear steps to other systems (SAM, Certify, HubZone)
  • Make it easy for stakeholders to update new content
  • Find info in “3 clicks or less” 



  • An archetype/ roadmap (launchpad for successfully winning contracts & leveraging GCBD certifications and programs
  • Plain concise language & IA
  • Reduction of repetitive and overlapping content

Role: Product Owner

Releases: Initial Launch, upgrades & maintenance

Company: U.S. Small Business Administration

Year: 2018