Anna Kojzar is currently reimagining the digital experience at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) working inside of the Idea Lab within the (CIO)’s Chief Information Office.  She is one of the product managers of  creating new digital tools to serve small business owners across the country. Prior to her entry into the public sector, Anna was working on bringing innovative digital hospitality tools to market at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, where she was the Senior Product Manager of SiS (Simplified Inventory Solutions). At Sabre she led the efforts for bringing new ancillary booking products for numerous Fortune 500 clients spanning Hotel, Golf, Spa and other verticals globally.

As a former entrepreneur, Anna was the Co-Founder and CEO at PoshPacker, a Techstars backed travel-tech startup based in Washington D.C. With over 1500 properties in over 460 cities across 60 countries, PoshPacker created a new segment around “posh-social-budget” traveling, and is the leading travel brand for poshpacking. Anna has experience operating her startup globally from Santiago, Chile to Lisbon, Portugal to Berlin, Germany to San Francisco and in Washington D.C. She previously worked on strategy at StepOne Ventures and on advising start-up companies from Spain at the Spain Tech Center in San Francisco. She holds a Masters in Global Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of San Francisco, where she spent time in Barcelona, Spain and Taipei, Taiwan developing the initial concept for PoshPacker. Prior to this she spent time working in international trade for governmental and legal sectors in Washington D.C. She holds a B.B.A. in international business from The George Washington University.